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Value Vouchers

Our value vouchers are perfect for climbers keen to personalize their experience. They allow lucky recipients to use the amount as credit for the purchase of gym entrances or memberships. They are a flexible and versatile gift to enjoy our gym to your liking .

Vouchers for Season Tickets and Entrances

We also offer vouchers dedicated to quarterly, half-yearly or annual passes , as well as vouchers for entry packages. These gift options are ideal for those who want to give the gift of an ongoing experience . Give someone the chance to fully immerse themselves in the world of climbing!





Buy Your Voucher Now - Explore Climbing with Us!

Don't waste time, let the vertical adventure begin! Buy one of our vouchers and give someone the opportunity to explore the world of climbing at our ADEL gym.

CONTACT US to find out the details and purchase your voucher today!


Si tratta solamente di una prova assistita e non di una lezione. 

I biglietti per le salite vengono già effettuati dalle ore 14:00, ma l’attività comincia alle ore 17:30.
Non si accettano prenotazioni.
Il biglietto è giornaliero, quindi le salite dovranno essere effettuate in giornata.

Per un avvicinamento all’arrampicata più specifico, per delle lezioni individuali e per l’arrampicata su roccia dovete invece rivolgervi a:

Fassa Sport Check Point: 340 114 7382
Fassa Guide: 370 1347721
Scuola di alpinismo Dolomiti Val di Fassa: 339 6938726

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